Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A Facebook food album.
A Social Definition of Gastroporn: "Simply, it's just so to make food sound all very appealing, erotic and sexy. Surely, anything "appealing, erotic and sexy" would tweak your curiosity and senses, no? Anything gastropornic relates to the sensuality of the food. Like one which may be described as "orgasamically" yummy..."(foodieculture.com-Ruby). The new material technologies and modes of social sharing has enabled food porn to grow at exponential rates. The Facebook food album is now a common sight on many profiles. In many ways, how the picture is shot and looks is more important than any description, "style becomes a compensation for the substance that mass produces and markets it" (Ewen 103).

Two Magazines using the exact same food porn styling. Image Source: Kevinallman.typepad.com
To reiterate, among the hundreds of roles that food marketing can play, 'food porn' is a subsection that focuses on the attractive immaterial object that that cannot be actually consumed or re-materialized:
A Burger King Ad Whopper vs. a real Whopper. Image Source: timesunion.com
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